Why the imagination is very important beyond at all

            In this topic i would like to discuss about the imagination, as you know the universe is created by God, before He created something great in million years ago, He started to use his imagination to create everything he liked so much, there is one of valuable God’s power to be given to human being is the power of imagination, but He restricted Human’s imagination in order to measure how far the human‘s imagination is working. The classification of imagination itself can’t be ended in addition the Imagination itself can be formed into several the ultimate Power namely creativity, love and focus
            When the human being is created at the first time, the human being is given the power of imagination in order to make Human being wants to search the God’s creation within living things in the universe, if we compare between the universe and the power of imagination, imagination is beyond of the universe which it is including the whole of space, stars, planet, etc.

            The world is imagination is boundless, there is no end and there’s no restricted time, so if Human being want to know about God, they should not try to use their power of imagination because it’s too wide to be imagined, the part of boundary of human’s power is time, so when someone tries to imagine and making statue to represent about God’s existence, it’s absurdity. There is only one way human are allowed by God to use the power of imagination is making purpose of life.

            When the purpose of life has been created by human being, so that human being would create everything such as making of happiness with their own way and furthermore once the imagination has been formed into the specific thing, there is something great will be born, we can call it as an idea and talent. That’s the next ultimate power will stay within human’s soul.
We can conclude why the power of imagination is beyond at all :
-     The first is the imagination will help human to use that power to create an idea.
-  The second is the imagination will help human to make something from what they imagine.
-     The third is imagination is created by God in order to make Human believe to what they imagine about God’s creation.

-  The fourth is the imagination has no end and has no restricted time, only human is limited

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