Why my dream becomes a fantasy?

            In this topic I would like to reveal about the meaning of dream and how to differentiate between fantasy and dream, when we were child maybe we were being told by our parent about the story so it will give us a wonderful feeling during sleeping, when we woke up in the morning we were trying to do what we can do, this ritual will make you think that you are the only one who can change the world, but unfortunately this opportunity will make you feel satisfaction, instead of feeling uncomfortable.
           A child would like to emphasize the size of dreaming based on what he thinks in the past and what he feels in the past, this method is not enough to differentiate between your dream and your passionate, when you know you will become fantasy maker, some people around you will laugh about your fantasy because they know the fantasy is like someone who is decorating something to be more attractive. Then you will assume that you are not succeeding to approach the opportunity to make clearer picture, in the final you misplace your passionate into dream and your soul will speak in silence.

         You must remember that dream will not make you feel happy, but it will give you another point of view to help you becoming a resourcefulness, I know this is sounds crazy when we try to channel between fantasy and reality. But when we realize something bigger between them is having the important thing namely the power of emotional feeling, when we fail to interpret the meaning of it, it causes fantasy will be playing in our soul again, in addition, the common problem in the real life is people are not considering the dream as purpose of life, that’s reason why so many dreams become dud.  
          Becoming dud doesn’t mean the way is not correct, but someone’s dream is powerless, it needs proven system to guarantee your action before you embody your dream into reality, I will give another idea to detect your dreaming, starting with a simple question, “how can someone will reach his dream and change it into reality otherwise dream should be living into fantasy or myth area”?

          The first step to turn your dream into reality are believing and following the mechanism of your dream, the second step is writing down your compelling desire into a paper, the third step is selecting which area will make you driving your passion, the four step is making ritual to measure how far did your plan go, the final step is controlling and monitoring every progress which is done.

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