Why people are not afraid to take huge risk?

 In this topic I would like talk about why people is insisting to take the huge risk, some people think that everything will take a risk, whether it size small or large, and also some people consider take a risk is indicating the bravery person, these are part of tireless work, but for my opinion they lost something meaningful namely self-analysis.

When you engage self-analysis, you can control your mind, your body and your heart, I believe everyone doesn’t want to take the huge risk because the huge risk will lose everything he had had in the past, before taking the huge risk; I would suggest they need to separate between passionate and greedy.

All we need to possess is not bravery but having the determination and strong reason why you have to take the huge risk, possess the knowledge is not enough to prevent the risk, but it needs emotional intelligent, possess the knowledge makes you though how to master the greedy characteristic, but having the emotional intelligent make you endured to what you have done and also it will prevent you from making the huge loss.

Starting from now, don’t bother to take the huge risk first; you need to set your mindset and practice your emotional intelligent, if you want to sacrifice something to face the huge risk, at least you just spend your time only, do not even try to sacrifice for  money, property, mutual fund or anything valuable.

Now we will analyze why people keep taking the huge risk although they already know they must choose the huge risk, the main problem is they lack of preparation is not enough such as the self-analysis, learning from the mentor, lack of human resources (discipline, patient, and carefulness).

The greedy characteristic is just giving people the dangle dream in their conscious mind , so their imagination just dawdle along with the huge profits, please look at the Foreign exchange trading, how many people are getting lost and feel trapped in the business system, it says “high risk high gain”.