Why the people become to be awkward?

In this topic I would like to talk about type of person, there are many characteristics which are chosen by human being but being awkward person is the part of perplexity you need to learn from it, so perplexity is one of major causes from someone who possess the unsystematic mindset.
The unsystematic mindset is coming from the human’s perfection belief system which lies into human attitude’s state and undeveloped information they have learned in the past, this is sound of absurdity, but this kind of person will receive more lesson of failure in this life.

Being awkward person is the kind of person, who has made the creative feeling although it can’t be dealt easily with human social level, he is creative, he looks stupid but one day when he succeeds to break his belief system, he will be ingenious person by having a multiplied resource because of his unique.
When you are considered by someone else as awkward person, don’t take it as your ultimate resource and implant it to your habit, but you can start to zero your mind and learn from somebody else’s reason, we can’t blame to somebody else reason because every human has resource to his mind. The ultimate failure in this life is being ignorant person because he deliberately ignores the resource.

I would like to remind you, do not easily act such as being pride person when you have been considered as awkward, all you need to do is ripping away your inessential thing in your daily habit, the awkward is not gift, but part of unsystematic mindset and it must be improved with new resource from the life’s belief system. The moment you should know is not about who you are today, but how you take the responsibility you have touched in this life, don’t easily complain about any critic from somebody else because you and him are wasting your time being in your any activity.