Why people brave to commit suicide?

I have heard so many times about the human’s suicidal,  I can’t keep silence about it, maybe you may heard the famous singer or songwriter such Kurt Cobain (Nirvana band), he died in April 5, 1994, Chester Bennington (Link in Park band) died in July 20, 2017. There are many factors which making them commit suicide, the first reason why someone ends his life such thing; he doesn’t know what’s the meaning of life and also he doesn’t know what’s his main purpose in this life, the second reason is his mental has been twisted and touching to the maximum traffic in emotional state.

 Can you imagine when your mentality is going to be numb? You can’t feel anything clearly, you can’t see clearly, you can’t hear your heart voice because all the complex things in your body are going to be numb, before your emotion touch to peak and becoming numb, you need to feed your emotion feeling with define revelation as the first aid because lack of resource will lose your temperament control, I tell you how to feed your emotion, the first step you should improve your own belief, keep searching new belief till you meet the divine intervention and the second step is you should improve your mindset (think outside the box) because our emotion is created by our qualified conscious mind which it can manage the subconscious mind, so attract the subconscious mind with excellent positive mind and positive attitude

I give more details about my explanation, please imagine as if you were driving a luxurious car in your own mindset, one day in the moment you were trapped in the main street coincides with the highest traffic jam situation, No escape street, No Man’s help, No voice can be heard, except your emotion state was blown up because you were disappointed, frustrated and stressed with that circumstance, that’s description for traffic jam in mindset.

The question from the statement above is what will you do then? you have a choice; the first choice is you are keeping focus in the traffic jam circumstance and making complaint, or the second choice is you are doing something meaningful to decrease your emotional volume, let me share my one of guiding principle “don’t complain about the darkness, light the heart with new Hope and behave more positive” to understand your pain, you don’t need to focus on it, you just need to keep out of your mind and try to imagine better

Every decision depends on you, life doesn’t have a purpose but human being has purpose of life, now when your emotion talks to you, ask yourself whether you control life or let life controls you, if you control life, you will be sage person, if you let life controls you, you will become a dead fish which can’t swim upstream.