Why so many people are inclining to the negative?

In this topic I want to talk about the negative, there are many people know a lot how to take responsibility and choose the alternative energy they should possess but unfortunately some of them believe that the negative power is easier to be obtained to manipulate other people’s potential rather than obtaining the positive energy, in addition they choose the negative because they think there are no better place for arising, human assumes that the negative is part of passionate nature which can subdue human’s willpower.

In fact the negative will make you being is so powerless because negative is part of desperation, it’s energy will make nothing to change, the main character of human being who can’t  be calm during facing the problem, he will become desperate, so who can responsible for it? Of course the human being who doesn’t recognize which energy should he possesses.

            Mostly the negative feeling comes from feeling of uncertainty, once human feels uncertainty during making decision, he will meet ton of uncertainty feeling in himself because negative uses its power to multiply the number of itself when human chooses the negative side to be main character, I must warn you that the negativity can make you lost your dignity, your worthy, your heritage, your legacy and your prestige.

            This is the important you should know where your life shall go, the first important is you should rectify your belief whether you like or not by yourself, and also you must insist to deepen finding your most valuable thing, the second important is the positive side can be reached by emptying your mind, your egoism and your pride, so you must train yourself till you have self-esteem, the third important thing is you must have the determination to achieve the excellent thing in your variety field of endeavor.