Why we can’t avoid the darkness in life?

In this topic I would like to reveal about the darkness in life, in this life has two dominants energy: the positive energy and the negative energy, both energy are living through in human body, both of them can give you the option how to live together with it, so this is your opportunity how to satisfy something in this world, some people say to me “being a good man is very difficult” that answer will lead them to possess the negative energy which is coming from unknowingly place and situation. What I will say to them is “whenever you are ready or not to accept the positive energy or negative energy, the reality life will give you a hint”.

The positive energy is coming from the human’s reason and the reasonable mistake, so when the human being doesn’t want to dwell together in the positive energy area, the negative energy will come automatically to them like a rotating door at the hotel, when you push the first door, there’s another door will welcome you.
When there’s something darkness in life, don’t try to avoid it because wherever we will go somewhere in anyplace, the darkness is still stuck within our soul, all we have to do is learning the darkness area but don’t dwell together with it, what I mean is you segregate between the negative and its energy, when you succeed to retrieve the energy from negative side, you automatically can leave the negative side as soon as possible, most people’s mistake is they don’t want to segregate between the negative and its energy, instead they are mixing between passionate and the negative energy, so they have been paralyzed with it and being an evil person,

Sometimes we need to do something wrong in order to make the reasonable mistake in this life because there’s huge power awaits you. what I believe is we can utilize the evil’s power as milestone in order to gain the positive energy for everlasting life.