Why we can’t choose the time being to serve our readiness?

Now I would like to talk about the readiness first, everybody would love to see the change in every life moment, the readiness is seemingly bring hopefulness when every human takes action, but we must remember that time always calculate every action, no matter how hard working the type of person you are, whether you are successful or unsuccessful, whether you are happy or unhappy, the time will restrict your life.

Life is just the tool which is giving you the option to decide what destiny you want to go, once you decide to choose your destiny through your passion and focus, you will enter to the process phase, in this phase mode, you will be forced to wait, time will give the signal whether you will fail or success through your readiness.

In the time basic rule, you must take a note the characteristic of time being; there’s no recklessness, there’s no slow motion or there’s no fast motion, there’s no repetition, there’s no delay because time is just running the process in balance speed, when you can’t achieve the target, time doesn’t ask you to regret or stop moving, all you have to do is maximizing the effort and improving the method in order to fit between process calculation and result calculation.

The Best action to achieve your dream is maximizing your effort by setting your own time target to the specific point as if you had been impelled by big project, we can call it as the artificial emergency project, there is the good news; time will not demand your failed result, time is just requesting your best effort to achieve the target and ask you to keep going through at though time.

When you have determination to set a plan, your subconscious mind will whisper you how to achieve the goal, and it will give you the prerequisite plan in your mindset, for example; your target is buying the mansion, your mindset will give you prerequisite time through your echo of mind (the calculation; 5 year 11 month 5 date, 24 hours 5 minutes 340 second), when you set target by yourself, you will become self-motivated person because your future promise will dangle your dream and make you commit to embody it. The conclusion; we can’t choose the right time whether we are ready or not to get success because the only time has authority to give you expressed the readiness