Why wind and fire character must be separated from the human character?

In this topic I would like to talk about the universe resource such as wind and fire, and I would elucidate the characteristic from both resources, first of all is wind, wind is having special ability to move something from zero point to another point, every human has possessed all resourcefulness from the universe, but some resources are still locked 90% in subconscious mind and some of them are unlocked 10% in conscious mind.

 Please look at the wind characteristic, it’s difficult to control, it’s indecisive, it’s easy to feel bored with one condition, it doesn’t like to make commitment with others, it loves to wander around without purpose, it loves being influencer, it needs to hear the fame or the rumor, it’s easy to feel dissatisfied with something (they are wind characteristic which have been possessed to human characteristic)

Now we are talking about the fire characteristic; it’s greedy, it’s arrogant, it’s having full passionate, it’s never to give up, it’s grumpy, it’s easy to feel resentful, it’s uncompromised, it’s easy to get satisfaction to every moment (they are fire characteristic which have been possessed to human characteristic).

I have ever told to my family and my distant relative, “Every human being has universe’s resources element because human being is created from the part of universe resource, the basic element on earth are wind, fire, water and soil” now when you want resource fills up to your life, at least you choose the good characteristic from 4 elements, don’t choose the wind and fire characteristic as your ultimate resource because both of them will create a disaster, plus both have fewer good characteristic value rather than bad characteristic value.

If you sincerely change your life, please choose the combination resource element between water and soil characteristic, make it as your ultimate resources because both can supply your mental growth and development, such as water will nourish soil until the soil will make a plant grow from seed which was implanted. Water characteristic is keep learning; when it puts into teacup, it becomes teacup, when it puts into bottle, it becomes bottle, now we talk about soil characteristic; soil has special characteristic because it can make something grow, it’s keep silent, it’s calm, it’s keep humble, it’s persistent, it’s perseverance, it’s so powerful to absorb any resources and self esteem.