Why woman keeps silent when her feeling is being hurt?

            In this topic I would like to elucidate about the common problem which is happening to woman’s feeling, maybe you have ever heard about this statement “being woman, use the feeling is the most important thing rather than making the reasonable reason” that is the part of woman’s mindset when she tries to learn something bad to her.

            The woman is unique creature which the Almighty God gives the special material structure which were taken from the universe, before we talk about the reason why woman keeps silent when she is hurt, we learn about the woman’s characteristic first, sometimes woman behaves like a flower, they need to be nourished with fertilizer, they need to be taken care from the bug’s attack, they need to be watered a lot, woman likes being noticed by the others,

Woman’s feeling is delicate, she is having dominant sensitivity rather than having dominant logic, that’s reason woman can detect anything possible in any circumstance without thinking again, it’s like an infrared sensor’s working, once the sensor was programmed and being activated. It can react when there’s light, heat, pressure, steam, Etc.
The sensor’s principal is “The more you attract the sensor with an object, the more reaction appears and it will be repeated again and again until the particular condition is satisfied” Now we come back to the topic, when men realize about the woman’s feeling, Men should know earlier about what dot’s and don’ts of the woman’s characteristic,

Just for your information; the more good thing comes to woman, the more good reaction appears from her and she will ask for repeating again and again, unfortunately the woman has never satisfied because of the effect of sensor’s system within woman’s feeling.

On the other hand, the more bad thing comes to woman, the more bad reaction appears from her and her sensor never broke down because the Sensor ‘s main function is detecting the object only , that’s reason when woman makes relationship with man, she never request to be fixed although she makes a tons of mistakes, she just needs men’s reaction how man can understand her, there are two options for Man, the first choice : man is willingly to accept her mistake and learn from her mistake, the second choice : man is running away from her .Now you finally understand why woman is keeping silent when she is being hurt by other people, she keeps silent because her sensor power defeats her logic, so she unable to speak a lot although she can speak.