Why my potential stops working?

Today I would like to talk about the potential existence; this is important issue because most people are dying in the most days before they know exactly about their potential existence, in this topic I would share about the what factor will reduce the human potential existence.

The human potential is like an axe which is utilized to chop down the tree, the more you use your potential energy, the more you see about the standard of living, we can’t just rely on the opportunity existence for long term because the successful potential doesn’t lean into opportunity, but creating the opportunity.

The lesser you use your potential energy, the less size of power you can use to create the resourcefulness such focus, decisiveness, passion, creativity. Please look at the lumberjack, when he is given 6 hours to chop down the trees, as productive lumberjack; he usually needs 1 hour to sharpen the axe and he needs 5 hours to chop down the threes, as unproductive lumberjack, he doesn’t need time to sharpen his axe because he believes the axe will work for everlasting. Please observe about the difference between the unproductive lumberjack and the productive lumberjack, who will produce the good result? If you analyze a bit, the human potential is like an axe, it needs learning and evolving but the potential energy is everlasting.

The main reason why many people feel their potential are not working or impotent because they use their potential energy to create procrastination habit and spend their time to become an idler, as becoming an idler, they will not worry about their degradation or self-respect because they are proud how to become procrastinator.

If you observe, there’s no human potential becomes impotent, but the cause is not under the potential energy but from the human’s lack of resources, humans refuse to accept the responsibility for using their potential energy, that’s reason most people fail at the first step when they start to build their life career.

Why we must be hero to our life history?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why we must be hero to our history, the reason I would share that every single person wants to improve the standard of life to become high standard, normally people will change three things once they want to know how to become better person, it’s started from calculation the amount cost of learning, cost of living and cost of earning.

When we realized in the social life needs the importance of three things above mentioned, we need to change something from the basic mentality at our own first, mindset and attitude are the ultimate value, but both of them need the human emotional intelligent to control it, without any system control from it, human can’t determine what supposed to be in a good life, life doesn’t control of you when you recognize the journey of your life, as return, when you don’t know who you are or what is your destiny, you will accept the risk of negativity and you can’t be captain of your soul.

Life history contains about the series program which it is making you alive, but there’s another issue, who determines the life moment within you, somebody else or yourself? The hero means nobody will replace your position during taking control about your life blueprint.

All we need to do to embrace our life is having willingness to move forward, create the creativity, defeat the symptom of procrastination because the procrastination itself will create the new mindset of misery, anxiety, laziness, darkness, afraid and unhappy.

         For your information that the nature energy is very difficult to control, so when life moment is happening around you, you just need to manage your insatiable curiosity and starting to focus on what you are improving about the essential thing endlessly and also what you are blocking about the inessential thing, that we call it as the hero’s life duty.

How to make an efficient target during having busy weekdays?

Today I would like to talk about how to make an efficient job, this is important to be recognized when we start to build new career in our job of endeavor, making an efficient is part of most successfully great target as well as important to every career level, sometimes making something to be better is not good enough because chasing an efficient target needs a balance between time frame and potential energy.

We need to calculate how much time we spend to fast the process step and eliminating the procrastination, once someone is having busy target, he must make “stop doing list” in his daily activity ritual, if it’s not happening, he can’t make an efficient target and also he can’t upgrade his career level.

Making one to three targets per day is good option during busy weekdays, but we must understand that human has limited time and has limited mindset to reach the efficient target, the efficient target actually is reachable by typical of the open minded person, decisiveness person and enthusiast.

We hope that we prove equal to any challenge once we face the target during busy weekdays and triumph ourselves, such as controlling attitude, focus and passion. Sometimes in order to create an efficient target, we need to adjust our emotional intelligent to become efficient such reducing use energy to anxiety, reducing use energy to afraid of something scary.

No one knows when we can produce the efficient target in every day, so we need to make an artificial emergency target and implant it into our habits, once we have created an artificial emergency habit within ourselves, we successfully achieve any kind of target no matter how small or huge of size of it.

There’s no meaningful busy in the weekdays when you just enjoyed what you could do in your past standard because this world always sue to human being to innovate something new and do something essential in order to avoid the world market shutdowns.

Why the popular is needed to create value?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why the popular is so important and also it can help someone to create and change the value, the first thing I would like to share is the popular is kind of agreement which it collaborates between your purpose-built and your creativity, once you realize people know a lot about your purpose, you will get critic or suggestion from them.

Popular is the first step how to consider the importance of your value, we can’t just sit down and wait some famous people to offer the popularity to us, we just need to ask to ourselves about what is the importance of our existence and our product.

Product means something greater than ourselves and product comes from our potential, so we must recognize the sign of gift within us, then we explore the sign of gift and change it to become talent, so the first we need to know is what potential will recommend us to create value, and the human value which is making us popular, it’s coming from the calculation between our creativeness and human relationship

So when we need to upgrade our value, we just need to collect the suggestion or any information from what we hear from our intuition or what we hear from someone else’s criticism, the more people give critic or question to one of your product, the more opportunity you make yourself to be promoted and it helps you to create popular.

The popular definitely has offered new value and the unpopular definitely hasn’t offered new value, so please keep it into your mind that philosophy, popular can make us know a lot about what we have created to ourselves and what we added value to as many as people around us, sometimes we need to dominate something in our capable hands, so controlling everything within ourselves is creating popular, as old adage, possessing the great power is meaningless once you can’t control it

Why intention is important thing to determine the result?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why the intention is important thing to determine the result; the first thing we should know is that the end result 100 % had been imagined long time ago before the imagination is created, so the intention so powerful because it has the main role to develop the imagination.

Without any intention, there’s no hope and also there’s no self-motivation, every sincere intention can trigger the human potential and also it can create the power of focus, so that human being will not go away from the target because his intention can pull his inner power to come out such as intuition.

The biggest result is determined by the maximum range of the intention, so the power of intention itself can grow up automatically when someone makes every attempt, every attempt will create the potential energy from human resources, once the bigger attempt is made, the bigger potential energy appears.

Becoming the intention maker, we aren’t allowed to make judgment at the first attempt because once every single day of making judgment, it has potential to drown out our full of enthusiasm, so improving the intention is the basic rule to make something good becomes better and better becomes efficient.

Intention is like harvesting one seed, once you implant it to the ground and you water it every day, your intention will work automatically for you, so don’t let you lose your intention because every single of your intention has potential to awaken the giant power within yourself, The end result is not so important rather than intention process because the result is just seductive which it ensures you are making the best action during doing the target, you just need to enlighten your subconscious mind with higher purpose and let time will assure you that you make an undying passion.

How to make a clear decision?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about how to make a clear decision, every human is entitled to make decision but there’s another problem which is can’t be clarified by human when single person is being asked about what kind of the decision is being made?

Most people can make own decision but most of them are failed at the first step during making that progress because their decision is too vague or unspecific, the real decision can be said as decision when there are several important things need to be inserted into decision such as time frame, destination, target, strategy and tactic.

Future is full of uncertainty, but we have time value to change everything we want in order to create idealism, before we start to make future, we learn how to improve attitude, improve mindset, and improve habit, in addition that every decision is human’s ultimate power, when human is willingly to sacrifice his leisure time to make clear decision, his destiny will be shaped as clear as he sees about his hope.

The clearer your decision the clearer vision you make, sometimes we can’t make deal with insurmountable problem except we are persistent to solve it and not give up entirely, time is our partner and it tells us to know exactly how to keep striving during improving on the mistake area.

Some failures in life are inevitable and sometimes our decision is tested by adversity, no one knows when the failure is over to trouble our life but all we need to do is get up 100 times once we fail 100 times, we can’t blame all decision we made although we fail because every fail doesn’t mean we are unable to make good decision but we are tested by natural life whether we are committing or not with every decision.

Why getting failure is more attractive rather than success?

Today I would like to talk about the failure, failure is part of learning, if life without failure, there’s no higher purpose, there’s no goal, there’s no different class and there’s no challenge because everything looks same as well as looks flat, in order to make the creativity, we need to test something whether the result will make satisfied or not.

During making creativity, sometimes we need to make the first failure in order to know whether the result will work to another method or not, so basically failure is needed when someone wants to create a new creativity, we can say if there’s no failure mean there’s no creativity light up.

As theoretically “if the failure level capacity is lower than satisfaction level, there’s no creativity grows up otherwise if discomfort feeling level has the same weight as failure level, the creativity will grow up”. Success is just symbol which is pinned into the window, the real creativity is making mistake in every first attempt.

Sometimes we don’t need a name to make popular, we just need to make unique mistake which can’t be made by most people, the more unique you are the more popular will appear, please remember this note; if you can calculate your failure result in your life, you can’t see the big picture of success.

We don’t need to focus the size of failure, we just need to focus making the life path which is serving you happy life, don’t aim the happiness as your final destination, but instead making the happiness path to create the process, when you enjoy with process even though you feel discomfort, and you live happily ever after once you get everything you have.

If you don’t want to make good purpose in your life, you will never get the creativity and you will create the failure path everlasting, so before you ran out the leisure time, you can start to pull your future dream to be united together with your soul today, don’t go down when you fail because the truly unsuccessful person who is always avoiding the failure.

How to recognize our strength?

I would like to talk about how to recognize the human strength; this topic will give you hint how to know the biggest value from human being, the most important thing to know your strength at the first time is making mistake at the first time, that’s prerequisite law, without making mistake, human can’t consider whether this is going to be alright or going to be wrong, life is full of uncertainty, but destiny, wealth, dead are definitely come before human has been created, so the life journey of human being is returned to human’s power of belief.

The first time we should recognize our strength is asking the question “who are you”, when that question is being asked repeatedly over and over again, human will create something such imagination, belief and creativity, those are the remarkable resources which will alter human value to human habit.

If we analyze about the human wealth, the number of wealth existence is outnumber or unlimited, and no one knows how much wealth will be happening every single day because the wealth is calculated from the all universes moment, cover the whole of space including earth, stars, planet, and everything in it.

Weakness is almost nothing to human strength because weakness is part of limit, so no one can be judged as lazybones, because every human has limited elements such space, age and time. Otherwise creativity and passion are limitless, so both are part of ultimate human strength.

The smallest particle of human strength is intention, when every intention is created into human imagination, shape of human destiny is created in the future area, so all we need to do is making clear decision, the clearer decision you make, the cleaner vision you have, consequently you will not doubt anymore and you will not worry because your strength is waiting you in the future, we just need to practice and promise to all potential existence.

How to control stress?

Today I would like to talk about how to control stress, I hope this topic will inspire you and you can start to improve the personal attitude how to control stress, now the question to control stress is “what type of problem will influence you to get stressed?”

Stress is coming from the unease feeling, no matter how hard the target someone will face, if someone has changed from unease feeling within his soul and change it to become an ease, so all unease feeling will disappear, it depends on human self-control management, so the territory area needs to be taken care is sincere to accept the reality and living in this world with full of ease.

Joy and misery are happening within human life, darkness and light are happening within human life, pain and pleasure are happening within human life; all we need to do is preventing us to make a complaint because insurmountable problem is getting worse once we don’t stop making complaint.

I give you the additional note; stress is not approaching suddenly to human life because it needs processing, once someone deliberately keeps doing same quality, over and over again without any improvement, meaning he upgrades the degree of stress to get inside into his head.

Don’t get mad once you feel stressed because that is the beginning to learn new thing in this life, we can’t avoid the life pressure from any kind of activity such as working, training, studying, adventurous trip, etc. if there’s no pressure definitely there’s no more risk, if there’s no more risk definitely there’s no more adventurous or not evolve, life is not like a good stuff which is just following the market trend and market segmentation.

Once again, How to control stress within you is increasing your knowledge and improving your attitude everlasting, every life has created a vibration, every vibration will create decision, once humans can make wise decision during they face a problem, all elements such stress, pain and anxiety are gone.

How to understand the opportunity?

Today I would like to talk about how to understand the opportunity, you may know that the characteristic of opportunity is neutral means it can’t be turned into positive or negative, the meaning of opportunity is gift which is returned to human mindset whether human wants to utilize it for good use or for bad use, somehow detecting the opportunity is not easy because it always comes sudden without any plan beforehand.

Only the visionary can interpret to every opportunity in order to make it as new power, every person may know that every single day is offering something, but not all people can understand when the opportunity turns to good purpose because people are not concentrating about the life moment and humans are too concerned about the good stuff or belongings only.

The best opportunity is when you can create the good opportunity to as many as people who don’t know about you, and you tell them that you can serve something great to solve each person’s problem, this is not talking about the state of being arrogant but it talks about self-esteem.

Please remember this note; The opportunity often comes to readiness, but unfortunately many people are not ready to welcome it, I would like to convince you that the opportunity is not talking about whether you have good cleverness or not, but the opportunity is talking about your mentality preparation, the opportunity never comes twice either in right situation or in the right condition, so please open your eyes a lot to learn although you don’t like it so much.

Listening every promise from somebody else sometimes doesn’t bring good benefit to you but at least you have an experience and opportunity how to make yourself to be strongest man, don’t get mad easily when you don’t have good opportunity because only impatient person who is hoping good opportunity.