How do you write a goal?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about how do you write a goal, at the first time I know that writing goal is not part of habit, but in this moment now I would like to force it to becomes humans habit, the articulate is from “you should do” word to becomes “you must to do” word, at the old age, setting goal was not part of human’s lifestyle because at that past time many people were trying to live freedom but having no wisdom in their life.

In the industry business, writing a goal is the magnificent activity because at the modern age, writing goal is the only way how to influence somebody to do something better ahead of his life standard, besides writing a goal will make somebody more focus to what he has done, appreciating the time value, but now in the modern age, unfortunately many people are dangling their dreams because they enjoy making their habits such a money making machine.

If you can understand the moment of turning point from writing a goal is everyone is going to show the spirit of working hard, feeling full of enthusiasm, terminating the inessential thing, learning from feedback because of getting failure, accelerate the power of focus and enhancing the creativity. The time value will accompany people to strive the dreams, there is no certainty life once people are not eagerness to write a goal / set a goal, in this reality, the ghastly problem often comes to every single person who are spending the time by doing the uncertainty activity over the uncertainty of life.

The simple method how to write a goal is writing goals in the blackboard, writing goals on the flimsy piece of paper and storing it to the cupboard or at the studying table, writing goal about short term period “doing something different in the daily ritual” such as accomplish the homework at 5.30 AM, cleaning the room once a day at 5.00 PM, please remember this note the more details you write, the more creativity you will generate.