How to be a good example person to children?

 Today I would like to talk about how to be a good example person to children; this is important thing to be remembered in every parent’s mindset, be a good example person to children means bringing the meaningful influence to the children, giving full of attention during the children development age.

Before parents starts to educate the children how to behave a good person, the parents must concern about this statement; every dropped fruit will not drop away from the mother of tree, means every detail of the parent habit will be emulated by the children, as statistically shows every children will emulate 85 % of the parent habits.

Implementing Self-education system to every human life, it is bringing the good affectionate to human because in everyday situation he keeps improving his behavior and his knowledge, this example can be implemented to every children, the self-education can be collected from the universe belief system, what are the belief system meaning? Belief System is the center intelligent program which is created by Almighty God in order to let humans know a lot about the universe’s belief system through human’s imagination power.

The Universe Belief system covers the good attitude and good morality; discipline, decisiveness, focus, commitment, consistency, loyal, vision, implicit, determination, sincerity, humble, patience, relentless, good sense, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, adaptable and so on.

There is no meaningful habit when there’s no practice in every single day, the sooner you practice, quicker you change your life path, so when children start to follow what parents doing about good thing, please make it as repetition daily program in order to make children will automatically remember what they learn. Let’s parents and children move forward together by studying new thing in this life in order to build up togetherness every time, everywhere and everyplace.