How to be hero in our life history?

In this topic I would like to share about how to be hero in our life history, the meaning of hero in our life means make a progress from one step to another step in order to get successful story, we must remember that we are making the life contract with life itself, the life has own rule and has own idealism, the life idealism is not asking you how much failure you will endure in your whole life, but life’s idealism is asking how much time value you have spent and also life is asking what was your responsibility you have done in your life history.

Not many people are concerned about the time value because they think they will be alive in this world by having the freedom to play round, most people don’t realize that feeling freedom is not always making somebody to be better person because he is just busy to build his egoism rather than being busy person to build the priceless legacy.

Being hero is not always rallying the troops to battle, but being hero can endure the pain of discipline and keep doing in order to create new path of destiny, the main purpose of being hero in this life definitely not looking for popularity but they are being remembered due to giving the irreplaceable thing to mankind.

Being hero is not always making some people to laugh, such as the fiction film, being hero means doing something different, something meaningful which can’t be done by most people’s, the great resources from human mind can’t be demanded by say the incantation to them, but we need to force with our huge effort and the relentless practice. By becoming hero in the future, we just need to maintain the consistency and commitment with our dream, once we succeed to gain the value from our dream, we will create the true happiness by giving our value to mankind, that’s principle of hero.