How to beg the universe to become my teacher?

Today I would like to talk about the topic how to beg the universe to be my guidance and also my teacher, first thing I would like to remind you the universe will guide you when you are willingly to make a mistake, once you stand for it, the universe will get you a hint how to make you thinking better, but when you are afraid of making a mistake, the universe will not guide you.

The universe has entitled to give humans a hint how to use the potential energy through their “what they truly you want” and “what kind of life pattern they will shape”, not at all humans have got a chance to get attention from the universe, because most people are wasting the time by concerning something inessential about what moment was happened in the past and what moment will be in the future.

The universe usually teaches humans through the reality life, not coming from the history, coming not from the miscellaneous achievement, basically humans are fully responsible for what matter we have created or what we have pursued something, no one can escape from the responsibility, the failure is the proven system that someone lacks of resources.

Every failure doesn’t concern at all with every mistake, as terminology says each failure has different shape with each mistake, the meaning of failure means someone lacks of resources, (he doesn’t react, he doesn’t strive, he doesn’t hope, he doesn’t improve, he keeps everything is the same position such as the same attitude, the same knowledge, the same standard) whereas the mistake means every attempt doesn’t achieve the target in the punctual time, but every attempt is growing up  and leading to another great success.

The character of universe is always keep consistent to maintain three kind of qualities (the quality of learning, the quality of evolving, the quality of being massive), that the reason the universe has unlimited wealth because they are taking great responsibility to care of living things.