How to change money as sustainable partner in life?

Today I would like to talk about how to change money as suitable partner, now I will let you know about the money’s character first, the money is non-organic compound means it can’t grow up even when the number of money will be collected, money is just piece of paper which is containing the price number which is used to exchange the goods. That is philosophy of money.

Humans are granted by almighty God to produce the value, humans are entitled to create the eternal value and it can produce another value in order to be exchanged with sum of money, the philosophy of value is the priceless gift which it is irreplaceable to be exchanged with the worldly goods, but the value can inspire people to do something in order to get the value, such as doing payment.

Now we will try to accentuate about the difference between the price and value, you must know that value is having the organic compound, so the value can grow up anytime and the price can’t grow, but it just adding up, in order to obtain the price, you only need to inspire people to appreciate your value.

You must remember the humans are having the eternal value such love, focus, decisiveness, creativity, sincerity, patience, determination, intuition, habit, etc. the first thing you do is you can ask yourself how you build your legacy by adding value, the second thing you do is don’t aim the money and don’t consider it as your ultimate resources because the money can obstacle your eternal value to grow up.

The key of success to change the money as sustainable partner “plan to make time to raise your value, not make it an opponent”, once you grow up your eternal value in every day situation, you will get an internal support from the potential energy because the more you raise your value, the more money will chase you endlessly, additional note; keep focusing on what you love to do and do something different which it can’t be done by most people, so the money will be your sustainable partner which can serve something better to you.