How to educate children being self discipline person?

Today I would like to talk about the discipline; most people discipline when there are many strictly rules in their surroundings, we must realize that not at all rules will build up our personalities to be better, the rules which are published in the public area usually to be created in order to prevent some people to sabotage the public facility location or the private area, the rule creates the warning sign, those rules psychologically educate people to be afraid of something, instead of building the human’s personality.
                     educate children the discipline with simple way

Being self-discipline person needs the strategy because someone usually feels uncomfortable with every rule, before making the self-rule, someone needs to listen what his intuition kicking in at the first time, such as knowing what he truly wants or what kind of dream he wants to build in the future, we must ensure every dream must inspire him every single day, the criteria of dream is must be living in several months or several years later, not happening in several days

so we can help him to make schedule in the short term first then guide him how to do in simple way, please monitor how far his progression result whether every attempt will meet the requirement or not, please ensure his great effort is approaching accurate in the short term schedule, once he succeeds to accomplish it, give him reward, then you can start to give him the long term schedule, then you keep monitoring what he has done until he succeeds to embody the dream into reality life.
           give the rewards when child accomplishes the target

I am sure he is very uncomfortable and start to accept the face of adversity, sometimes the pain of striving is needed to shape new destiny, the main reason is we are used to rely on somebody else’s dream, so our mental muscles are less strong to take every risk in this life.

The benefit of being self-discipline is we can measure how far the target we can achieve, we can learn everything we want, we can set goal with our creativity; I believe every different effort will create a new destiny, don’t mind with the failure because there’s no failure for every attempt, then every attempt leads to progress and every progress will drive you safely to the peak of career.