How to educate children to recognize the most important thing?

Today I would like to talk about how to educate the children to recognize the important thing in this life, before we educate the children to recognize the important thing; we must select which category will be utilized in children life, sometimes we need to train ourselves to do the successful completion habit and we let our children know what they can see through our habits.

The successful habit means we train ourselves to know what affectionate will bring benefit to us; we practice it in everyday situation, until we will no longer leaving it, the children usually concern about the detailed point which is attracting their attention, such as the adult person who is wearing the shoe by sitting down in the floor and fixing the shoelace in the same time the children are watching the adult person’s activity.

If your occupation is the psychology practitioner, this is good opportunity to educate the children how to evoke their mind with the prohibition pattern rule and give them example how to avoid the bad effect which may harm to children habit, the children mindset is following the parent rule or following the children’s freewill. Don’t let your children follow his freewill without any guardian next to them because once they leave the condolences age without any self-education; they will make the severity trouble to parents.

There are the important things need to be remembered for every parents; the first important thing is training your children to recognize the nature’s life, educate them how to care about the cleanliness, and train your children how to care of animals or plants. The second important thing is making the schedule to your children and ask them to learn the detail point from the schedule, the third important thing is educating the children how to make charity in order to give it to somebody else, the fourth important thing is training the children how to save the money for the investment.