How to improve the service qualification?

Today I would like to talk about how to improve the service qualification, this question usually approaches to social service such as hospital, bank, hotel, the communication service company, tourist spot, etc. there are many ways how to improve, it started with the service program whether all programs have been implemented to the customer’s requisition order.

            What criteria shall be needed to the qualification? The first criteria you should note is requesting your customer to give the customer feedback such as giving satisfaction, criticism or suggestion, the qualification will be succeed once the customer demands fitted with the qualification program. The second criteria you should note is checking the time delay when the output process equals with the quality control policy. The third criteria you should note is standardizing your product with trusted materials, never change with the second hand’s material except there is agreement which has been dealt with customer side.

            Sometimes people need to go out of the company in order to visit another company and learn from the service program to achieve the breakthrough and see what rule is being used to manage people efficiency, observe the people’s attitude during they are servicing the customer’s problem.

            Obtaining the high quality is not part of magic, but it needs improving every day and it needs consistency during making target, as long as there’s no feedback from customer side, means there is no progress at all, the customer feedback doesn’t mean always bring a the ghastly problem but customer feedback means there’s additional value we need to learn.

            Sometimes we need to learn from the successful people habit, learn how they get value from every successful service, every decisiveness determines the people’s vision, decisiveness is the key to open the new opportunity to evolve, without any decisiveness, some people will lose hope and also lose focus, before we make the service program, we must understand every people in the society, such as standard of lifestyle, how they are earning and how they are learning.