How to influence the money to become self-employed?

Today I would like to talk about how to influence the money to become self-employed; this section is related to business, I am just reminding you that money is the exchanging tool, and maybe you already know that money is non- organic compound which has no value at all, and also it can’t grow up except adding up, it’s meaning that money can’t work except it can be exchanged with goods.

The question is “does the money work permanently as humans?” or “does the money perish forever after being employed as humans?” so it depends on the human’s capability level, the only thing human can do is adding value from his creativity, tactic, strategy and vision.

So as human being, we must not allow ourselves to set our mindset to become the money making machine, because the principle of money is; it has no future, it has no hope, it just being utilized to pay the bill or pay daily necessity, if we pretend to become the money making machine, we have no human’s value because we behave and follow as the money did in its habit, the bad news is once we keep going together with money habit, our mindset and our habit will tell our subconscious mind to follow what money usually does such as paying the bill or paying debt in the daily necessity, it’s very dangerous advice.

The negativity about principle of money is the money is just making us feel blindness to see a new hope and it persuades us to spend a lot money for fulfilling our satisfaction purpose, the first thing we can do to prevent is allocating the money quota once we earned money from working place such as calculating 30% for money investment 30% for emergency case 40% for daily necessity (including foods, beverage, children care, etc.) the second thing is keeping adding up 30% for money investment, don’t ever try to use it for paying the bill and separate it from your private savings account.

Remember this note; the money will flee away from your private savings account when you have no added value in your mindset, the money will work by itself when you have changed your mindset and follow this philosophythe value has no price but it can buy price otherwise the price has no value but it can’t buy the value”, how to influence money to become self-employed is keep improving your value such knowledge, attitude and self-control, so when you keep going with that philosophy above mentioned, you have successfully changed the money to follow your value and it becomes the money bank.