How to make a clear decision?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about how to make a clear decision, every human is entitled to make decision but there’s another problem which is can’t be clarified by human when single person is being asked about what kind of the decision is being made?

Most people can make own decision but most of them are failed at the first step during making that progress because their decision is too vague or unspecific, the real decision can be said as decision when there are several important things need to be inserted into decision such as time frame, destination, target, strategy and tactic.

Future is full of uncertainty, but we have time value to change everything we want in order to create idealism, before we start to make future, we learn how to improve attitude, improve mindset, and improve habit, in addition that every decision is human’s ultimate power, when human is willingly to sacrifice his leisure time to make clear decision, his destiny will be shaped as clear as he sees about his hope.

The clearer your decision the clearer vision you make, sometimes we can’t make deal with insurmountable problem except we are persistent to solve it and not give up entirely, time is our partner and it tells us to know exactly how to keep striving during improving on the mistake area.

Some failures in life are inevitable and sometimes our decision is tested by adversity, no one knows when the failure is over to trouble our life but all we need to do is get up 100 times once we fail 100 times, we can’t blame all decision we made although we fail because every fail doesn’t mean we are unable to make good decision but we are tested by natural life whether we are committing or not with every decision.