How to make a good service program to client?

Today I would like to talk about how to make the good service program, this sound the artistic skill which needs improving, enhancing and publishing to as many as people in society, before we make the service program to attract the client, we must understand every people in the society life has standard of lifestyle, earning and learning, so we must try offering to society something bigger which can accustom flexible with their standard.

Something bigger means type of idea which leads us to be troubleshooter for each person problem, I believe every human has own potential to create a value such idea, and the question to serve something bigger is what kind of idea do you propose to society? Whether there’s big idea or small idea.

We can take one major point that every standard will create the repetition, so when you want to serve something bigger than yourself, you must observe what kind of resourcefulness do the society badly need? Are they interested with entertainment, film, music, writing, advertisement, art, lifestyle, Etc.

So there are many open opportunities for us to create a sensible idea in order to make a good service program throughout our resourcefulness, it depends on the personal decisiveness, if your passion lies within music scope; you start to serve something bigger to society such as becoming songwriter, singer, the conductor, the digital music maker, the recording industry maker, etc. when you have accomplished to build your resourcefulness, serve it to the society and let they give you the critic or let they give you the eloquent of appreciation or the testimonial.

The human’s value is divided by two kinds; the first value is coming from the human’s decisiveness, the power of vision, the power of imagination, and the power of creativity, we can call it as the human eternal value, the second value is the additional value is coming from the human eternal value which has been reprogrammed or regenerated to become a new resources of value, and the end value can be utilized to become a product plus the service program, finally the program can be sold to the client and for the next client.

Starting today, please use your ultimate resources to create an idea or the creativity in order to make the product value, the meaning of product value is what  kind of gift do you offer to client?  the example of  product values are idea, design, software, quality, management skill, etc. please serve as many as people in the society life, once your product is sold, means your client is feeling satisfied about your product and you have proven that you gradually succeeded to create a good service program, in additional note; please don't easily get satisfied once you have a product