How to make the specific goal to upgrade in career?

Today I would like to talk about how to make the specific goal in life career, before making the specific goal, i need to know about the strong reason why you are needing your eagerness to upgrade your career, once you get your head on straight, I will share the simple method how to make specific goal.

The first things you should realize is what kind of ambition you really want to run with you?  Because the ambition is the lasting energy which will give you the motivation to get there, once the ambition has been gripped with your hand, use your ultimate resources to set plan such as short term, medium term and long term.

Making a specific ambition to upgrade the career such as cooking activity, I will give the example, your ambition is cooking the European dishes but you don’t know how to cook, so you need to find the ingredient or recipes, you need the method how to cook and put your passion how to practice, without passion existence within yourself, it feels like you are going but you don’t know where you are going.

The passion is like gasoline, don’t let your passion drained out before you achieve the excellence thing, before you ran out of your gasoline, you need to find the essential ingredient for success in the restricted time, means finding some the trusted information resources to get you there accurate,

so the first thing you do to upgrade your career is looking for the successful model who has much experienced on it, such as looking for the people who has successful experience, the second thing you do to upgrade your career is looking for the method how to practice by handling the three essential things (time value, the physical practice and the higher purpose), not looking for the instant success recipes from successful people’s story.

Once you have committed with three essential things above mentioned, these resources will help you to standardize you as the creative person, you can create the specific career by your own specificity, please make a note for this statement “every specific criterion will determine your focus, also it can refill your enthusiasm and vision to accelerate your career, choose the essential activity which can create a trail, and trail makes you easier to walk into the specific area, you must remember this note; doing activity without a higher purpose will drain your opportunity to evolve.”