How to motivate the children who get failed at school exam?

Today I would like to talk about how to motivate the children when they get failed at school exam, I know maybe this moment will make the parents will feel embarrassed and go down because of it, after that parents will start to give the additional task to their children in order to trap the children at home, This is not self-education system, but the prison life punishment.

Unlearn from the previous parent’s habit is a good choice before parents are yelling at the children, the parent’s behavior is having the main role how to influence the children, you must remember this “once every wrong education is given to children, it will bring the punishment to parents, and the right education should be started from the parent’s self-education first”, please ensure there’s no harassment words is being given from the parent’s mouth to children’s ear.

During educating the children, the parents must not use any harassment threat, when there’s weekend is coming ahead, please try to invite the children to go out picnic together in order to minimize the emotional turmoil, then get some the fresh air and sit together with children to idle chitchat.

There’s no failure meaningful, there is just the result from every attempt in the past, this statement should be learned deeply by parent’s thought during educating the children, getting failed score means the children are getting lack of attention from the parents.

The meaning of failure is the act of losing hope, lack of deep belief in one’s worth, lack of resources, ignore the ignorance, running away from his faith to God, enjoy the moment in the past and being afraid for accepting the reality life, those symptoms of failure will be attacking to the children once the parents start to mistreat their children in everyday situation.

Starting today, the best way to improve children mindset once they get failed in exam is the parents keep motivating the children how to react be more positive, improve the children’s way of learning, the parents must persuade the children how to become a good example type of person.