How to recognize our strength?

I would like to talk about how to recognize the human strength; this topic will give you hint how to know the biggest value from human being, the most important thing to know your strength at the first time is making mistake at the first time, that’s prerequisite law, without making mistake, human can’t consider whether this is going to be alright or going to be wrong, life is full of uncertainty, but destiny, wealth, dead are definitely come before human has been created, so the life journey of human being is returned to human’s power of belief.

The first time we should recognize our strength is asking the question “who are you”, when that question is being asked repeatedly over and over again, human will create something such imagination, belief and creativity, those are the remarkable resources which will alter human value to human habit.

If we analyze about the human wealth, the number of wealth existence is outnumber or unlimited, and no one knows how much wealth will be happening every single day because the wealth is calculated from the all universes moment, cover the whole of space including earth, stars, planet, and everything in it.

Weakness is almost nothing to human strength because weakness is part of limit, so no one can be judged as lazybones, because every human has limited elements such space, age and time. Otherwise creativity and passion are limitless, so both are part of ultimate human strength.

The smallest particle of human strength is intention, when every intention is created into human imagination, shape of human destiny is created in the future area, so all we need to do is making clear decision, the clearer decision you make, the cleaner vision you have, consequently you will not doubt anymore and you will not worry because your strength is waiting you in the future, we just need to practice and promise to all potential existence.