How to terminate the inessential thing in human habit?

Today I would like to talk about how to terminate the inessential thing, inessential thing happens when someone doesn’t have vision to change his life being, every single person has experienced inessential thing in his life because he is used to do the unproductive activity.

The meaning of unproductive activity is busy doing something which can’t bring good result or not producing the valuable assets or money, the reason many people are doing the unproductive activity in the daily life because they don’t know how to differentiate between doing the unproductive activity with doing the productive activity, so the major problem is they are lack of human resources, what are the human resources? Sincerity, discipline, decisiveness, passion, focus, determination, creativity, Etc.
                     the  human resources; keep moving forward

 Searching new place which may inspire him to go out from his life frame for temporary, if he wants to know how to end old habit, he must start to make new habit, the first step; he should find the active people who are spending their time to make the productive activity in the daily ritual, the second step; he must create ambition, because no ambition, it definitely has no action, the third step; learning from the past because the past is the result from what you had done .
                                             the social life

The inessential thing had been done more often in the past because many people assume doing the inessential thing is part of life pattern, sometimes the chain of society culture will influence to human mindset to do the same thing over and over again and restrict the human creativity.
                                       hope and creativity

Hope and creativity are the two most important thing is this life, without its existence, no more beautiful life in the beautiful state, everything looks same and no pattern, when people already activate the essential thing such hope and creativity, I am sure there is no more regret, there is only evolving.