How to turn the hobby becomes business?

Today I would like to talk about how to turn hobby becomes business, there are many hobbies in this world, mostly the hobbies are just making fun or improving the skill, but now in this topic I would like to expand about how to change some points of views and bring the hobby to produce profits all the time.

The first thing we must remember about the simple question what kind of hobby makes you are feeling fulfilled the most?” that  question will help to change human mindset and guide human mindset to evolve, the reason why I am asking you such question because there are two kind of the characteristic of hobbies you must realize it; the first characteristic is the unproductive hobby, and the second characteristic is the productive hobby.

The meaning of productive hobby is the kind of activity which is raising your mood, enhancing your vision and ensuring you to walk confidently onto the big hope, whereas the meaning of unproductive hobby is lowering your vision, raising your mood, you like to spend your life time by making you feel satisfied to what you have done with hobby.

The example of productive hobby which can be turned into business are becoming the swimming trainer because you are fond of swimming, becoming the international speaker trainer because you are fond of learning foreign language, becoming the international book writer because you are fond of writing a lot of thing, becoming business consultant because you are fond of making successful business in variety fields.

The example of unproductive activity which can’t be turned into business are becoming coach potato in the most day, becoming stalker to social media, becoming moviegoer, becoming the spectator, becoming crawler, becoming troublemaker, being smoker etc. starting from now you must decide to navigate where your life shall go, your future depends on your decisiveness and every decision is altering you to gain much profit.