How to understand the biggest result of failure?

Today I would like to talk about the biggest result of failure in this life, this is good topic I would elucidate what the most important about the failure, the failure doesn’t mean ruining in everything you have had in the past, and every mistake doesn’t burn down your attempt in the past.

Now we will try to separate between the result and the failure process, the result is the calculation process from someone’s attempt; otherwise the failure process is just staying the same either in capacity or type / size of problem but it will improve just matter of time.

Don’t waste the time by thinking about the failure process because it can make you feel doubt about what you are doing at present, how to understand the biggest failure is making new path and start to do something new in order to forget what you already made in the past, keep focus by becoming a new guy today, every time you made a mistake in the past is just part of training program, don’t trap your focus into your mistake because it will make you lose your ultimate power while you want to start something new again.

Failure maybe will show again while you are not ready yet to accept the reality, accepting reality means you have made the excellent thing in your biggest preparation upon your recent capabilities, remember this note; every success element doesn’t mean to you when you block yourself to accept your weakness and your strangeness.

Sometimes someone’s weakness has made clearer purpose when someone sincerely to keep improving and keep evolved about his career, as human being, detecting failure is inevitable because failure can become a new hint for wise person and failure also can become misery to retarded person, so every moment in this life may not be determined by individual person but every life experience is determined 100% by personal experience.