How to understand the opportunity?

Today I would like to talk about how to understand the opportunity, you may know that the characteristic of opportunity is neutral means it can’t be turned into positive or negative, the meaning of opportunity is gift which is returned to human mindset whether human wants to utilize it for good use or for bad use, somehow detecting the opportunity is not easy because it always comes sudden without any plan beforehand.

Only the visionary can interpret to every opportunity in order to make it as new power, every person may know that every single day is offering something, but not all people can understand when the opportunity turns to good purpose because people are not concentrating about the life moment and humans are too concerned about the good stuff or belongings only.

The best opportunity is when you can create the good opportunity to as many as people who don’t know about you, and you tell them that you can serve something great to solve each person’s problem, this is not talking about the state of being arrogant but it talks about self-esteem.

Please remember this note; The opportunity often comes to readiness, but unfortunately many people are not ready to welcome it, I would like to convince you that the opportunity is not talking about whether you have good cleverness or not, but the opportunity is talking about your mentality preparation, the opportunity never comes twice either in right situation or in the right condition, so please open your eyes a lot to learn although you don’t like it so much.

Listening every promise from somebody else sometimes doesn’t bring good benefit to you but at least you have an experience and opportunity how to make yourself to be strongest man, don’t get mad easily when you don’t have good opportunity because only impatient person who is hoping good opportunity.