What difference between the false happiness and the true happiness?

Today I would like to talk about difference between the false happiness and true happiness, although both are having the same destination but it doesn’t support human to get revolution in life, this is important to differentiate it, if someone just want to get happiness, why so many rich people are committing suicide? There must be something wrong with their happiness.

The happiness is just tool to accelerate the important thing in order to get the higher purpose, the happiness can’t be used for fulfilling someone else’s satisfaction, if he insists to fulfill his own satisfaction or fulfill someone else’s satisfaction, he never get a taste of true happiness.

The false happiness means you just do what you want to achieve but it’s doesn’t improve your significant life such as focus, creativity, vision or anything else related to you, the false happiness is just refilling your satisfaction, it can’t drive you to get the true happiness, if someone is just doing something to get the false happiness, he is going step backward, not evolve.

The example of false happiness; go to the nightclub in order to get drunk, see the striptease, hold the big party every week or every month, idle way to the mall without having the shopping schedule, it doesn’t fill someone’s life, instead of ruining his own life, then he ruins everything he has had in this life such losing his dignity, losing his eternal value, losing his dream, losing his faithful to Almighty God, losing his honor, etc.

This life has many doors and stairs, every door has an opportunity behind it, once you haven’t had a chance to get the opportunity from the door, you just knock the door till the opportunity knocked you back, means you can create the opportunity by yourself by serving something great to society or the country without waiting somebody or the good circumstance to help you, that’s method how to get the true happiness.
                                           the supreme confident
The stair has many steps, from the lowest step until the highest step, if you want to search true happiness, you keep improving what you really need to improve in every single day, you keep learning the knowledge, keep listening the criticism, doing self-examination, the more you step higher, the more you see the true happiness because every progress equals happiness, please remember this note; every seeds of happiness will grow up once you make the progress, when it changes to become bigger one, it will drive you to see the true happiness at the supreme confident.