What factor makes human mindset are trapped in the price tag?

Today I would like to talk about what factor makes human mindset is in the state of undeveloped, the reason is the humans are following the price, this problem is not the first time happening in this world, this is endless problem loop, most people think they are can’t live without money, so accordingly to that their choice, it leads the humans unknowingly set a trap to themselves by default.

            The human mindset easily to change because he bothers to think about “what he should have” or “what makes him feel satisfied” without considering with the value within, there must be something wrong with that question, if every human keeps concerned with that question, their mind will become the price tag.

            The mindset is part of human eternal value; he should think about “what kind of value I should possessonce the value meets the value, they will become the ultimate human resources in everlasting life which can produces the limitless price. In the education system; the children are taught by parents to learn about recognize the price tag. And there is something missing in the education system namely “How to teach the children recognizing their value”, the price tag does not teach the way how to influence someone becomes a smart person, but it makes someone thinks equal with price tag.

            In education system, every children usually has been spoiled by his parents to buy toys, once they leave adolescence and they become adult, they start to search the toy’s price tag because the children’s old mindset reminds them to search the price tag, be careful that every price tag will demand most people mindset to think about the price only in order to make easier for people to exchange between the price and the goods price, these factors will make humans mindset are trapped in the price tag such as satisfaction, and pride.