What factor makes humans are not feeling fulfilled?

            Today I would like to share about the factor which makes humans are not feeling fulfilled, in social life people are trained to make chit chat with somebody else once they bumped and they unknowingly wasting the time by default, when they failed to achieve something, they feel secure and not feeling regret about what they have done, that’s biggest failure I have ever seen it.

They unintentionally create the inessential habits with full of enthusiasm, as if they hadn’t had any choice to abandon it, you can’t go anywhere when you are having sense of unease, even when you push yourself to go somewhere, but your soul is still trapped in the same place, there is only one thing which is making you feel fulfilled namely you have changed your attitude.

This is sound ridiculous but that’s reality, although you have an authority to have sufficient time and you can do it as you wish in your life but you can’t choose when you tend to fail or when you tend to succeed, so the only thing we should do now is improving something which it’s really need to be improved.

There is something important I would like to let you know, there are 2 types of person; the first person is when he is aiming off the target, he feels fulfilled to attempt something, the second person is when she is aiming on the target, she feels unfulfilled to attempt something, there’s tiny distinction between their problem namely the way how to learn is different.

The first person describes someone who is having the full of enthusiasm, you must realize that having the full of enthusiasm is the biggest preparation how to make a progress, don’t let you drain your gasoline because enthusiasm itself is the gasoline, use your enthusiasm to shape the path of future; the second person describes the losing of vision and losing of hope, even though she knows the target, she hasn’t committed with it, so she creates the failure by default.