What is a good service?

Today I would like to share something related with service, every life has magnificent service which are given by almighty god to fulfill the human basic necessity such as fruit, air, water, fire, soil, etc. so what’s meaning of good service, kind of service which is always giving the value to every aspect such as feature, idea, program, the conversation way, etc.

Sometimes we need to learn from successful people daily habit when we want to know about good service, every decisiveness determines the people’s vision, decisiveness is the key to open the new opportunity to evolve, without any decisiveness, some people will lose hope and also lose focus, before we make the service program to attract the client, we must understand every people in the society life has standard of lifestyle, how they are earning and how they are learning, so we must try offering something bigger to society, don’t forget to take a note what your customer complaining about or give a criticism, those are part of adding value information to improve our service.

A high quality is not part of magic, but it needs improving and it needs consistency, there is additional information how to maintain the quality namely creating a maintenance program such as scheduling the calibration system period to equipment, besides that keeping cleanliness to equipment or machine is also needed because cleanliness is part of high quality habit.

Giving the quick respond often brings the customer to get the satisfaction because in the modern age, the quicker you respond, the more satisfaction the customer will relish from it, once you improve the knowledge how to serve better information to them, you will get positive feedback from your customer.

How to add value to upgrade the good service, the first thing you should do is sending the goods shipment punctually, because in the customer’s mindset, the time is the most precious thing, there’s no time value when the shipment process is delayed.