What is meant by specific objective?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the specific objective, it is concerned with the next destination person wants to be there, this is not easy to specify the specific objective in human mind since the activity traffic in the human social life peaked.

Now I will try to make it easier, the specific objective usually at the nearest focus point area within the daily target, the people usually set the short term plan in the particular way or position and the characteristic of short term plan looks achievable goals.

The specific objective usually needs the limited time to be completed, such as the company’s assignment which is given to the employees every day and the employees will report to their superior about the daily target, the main principal objective is restricting the human’s physical movement in order to fulfill his job in the project scheme accurately.

By having specific objective, every person usually tries to reach something bigger such as bonus or leave the evidence in order to make somebody else feels pleased or irritated, now we will try to get another example; please look at the criminal record at police station, every offender usually has specific objective to commit a criminal, such as killing, raping, robbing, assault, etc.

Sometimes the specific objective has been utilized by person who wants to perform well under the work pressure; the specific objective usually leads people to observe at the nearest point or the specific area in order to make someone aware of something either in good or in bad condition.
Not at all people can possess the specific objective’s vision because only the well-trained people can see in the particular way without any doubt in their heads; on the other hand, if people feel doubt during executing, the specific objective’s vision throughout human’s eyes will disappear.