What lifestyle I should possess in this life?

I would like to talk about lifestyle which is concerning with personal matter, but now I will give another point of view to indicate what type of person you are. Lifestyle is the way of life in which person bravely choose how he fills his life with own decision and how he fills his life with full faith, I know that every human has own lifestyle, but there another problem comes up; when most people create the lifestyle but lifestyle pattern doesn’t inspire themselves

So when lifestyle doesn’t light up a hope, people will not able to take more responsibility because people are too anxiety about the moment was happening in the past and the moment will happen in the future. Lifestyle is not part of game but lifestyle is part of human destiny pattern.

Every life in this universe has own responsibility to serve something great and the human should learn from the life pattern, life pattern is not creating something great, but life pattern is the place where human can learn something from it, wherever human goes, in that place life is teaching something to human.

The end result of lesson which it is given to human; wisdom and freedom, both lessons are the ultimate resources and they offer the biggest reward to human being once every human succeeds to solve problem, the problem is not getting you down but the problem will help you to create wisdom. No one knows what will happen in the future because life is full of uncertainty.

Although life is full of uncertainty but it is giving the opportunity to humans in everyday situation, making different mistake is one of the greatest opportunity to evolve, but unfortunately most people are avoiding the mistake, so human’s lifestyle is not growing up.

If you feel there’s something unbalanced in your life, you can train your lifestyle by doing something positively, the end result; you will unlearn something unnecessary in our life, after that you are ready to evolve what do you have in mind in order to achieve the higher purpose.