What revolution will bring up new hope?

Today in this topic I would like to share about what kind of revolution will bring up new hope, that is good question because not at all revolution will bring up new hope, the reason is most people are too concerned about the way of new life and also they are too worried of leaving their habit pattern.

The good revolution always inspire people to make great change from the human’s lasting change in habit pattern, to make a new revolution, there’s prerequisite to be followed, the first prerequisite; someone is willingly to unlearn something bad from the previous habit, the second prerequisite; someone must fix his mindset by stopping doing unproductive activity, the third prerequisite; start to create productive activity such as reading book, learning foreign language, learning something from the successful people habit.

Hope and creativity are two most important thing which it can influence the human being to create revolution, without hope and creativity, someone is going to lose the clear destination, hope and creativity are working in tandem system, it can’t be separated, but those resources will work for you once you have found the revolution path you want to build.

Despite of hope and creativity, the human being must possess tactic and strategy to make the revolution appeared, Tactic and strategy support to each other, tactic is kind of method you are using to keep you in position of the trail while you do action, otherwise the strategy is kind of plan which is intended to particular purpose and it can ensure you achieving something accordingly to the target.

The great revolution is a great change in action which it can influence you to live in impossible area, within range area you can’t go anywhere except you have changed something you want to improve with the full of enthusiasm, finally you successfully change something from the impossible thing to possible thing.