What’s difference between self-employed and the entrepreneur?

Today in this topic I would like to share about what the difference between self-employed and entrepreneur, most people consider both are having same meaning but in fact they have different classification, being self-employed means in everyday situation someone usually has to work representing his working hours at the company but no management can control him, he is self-reliant, otherwise being the entrepreneur, someone has a vision to expand his business idea to public and he sells his dream to serve something greater than most people don’t do, he is self-reliant and starts to recruit the employee for expanding his business.

This revolution which leads to person who wants to get better result in his career, learn business system from the company and being employee is the first step to know little about business, but don’t take longer time while working at company because moving from one company to another company is just standing at the first position, someone’s mindset can’t evolve once he decides to work at company because he is leaning into someone else’s dream.

When someone decides to lean into other’s dream, means he is following the money, it looks comfortable but when other’s dream is stopped, his mind starts perplexed, something looks comfortable in the first glance, it doesn’t mean it can drive him into freedom area, he is still under control by other’s time, he is still under control by other’s rule, he is becoming the money making machine for someone else’s dream.

Being self-employed and being staff employed are having old-fashioned class because they still need time value to be exchanged with their existence to achieve the target, once they get off the target, they can’t earn money, otherwise being real entrepreneur, means someone still can earn more money while he is not available, he doesn’t need to exchange his valuable time with money and also he still gives profit to somebody else.