What’s difference between tactic and strategy?

            Today I would like to talk about the difference between tactic and strategy, maybe you will assume both words are having the same destination but when you lose one of them, you will lose your hope and also you will lose your dream, in the ancient history, tactic and strategy are often to be utilized when they meet the ghastly problem during making a war.

            Tactic and strategy are working in tandem system, they can’t be separated, because they support to each other, tactic is kind of method you are using to keep you in position of the trail while you do action, otherwise the strategy is kind of plan which is intended to particular purpose and it can ensure you achieving something accordingly the target.

            When someone is building career in business but if there is no tactic, the service program he creates will be obsolete soon and also it will not attract the market target anymore, otherwise when someone is building career in business but if there’s no strategy, the products are not sold out.

            Tactic and strategy are always needed when there is war, during defeat the enemy’s troops; strategy is needed to navigate the right position to aim enemy’s location, trespass to the enemy’s land and conquer them, besides that tactic is needed to ensure you can survive, existed and not running out the basic necessity during war.

            In every aspect of life you build, you can’t separate tactic and strategy because this life is teaching how to survive and wise, not teaching you how to be smart, there are many people around the world compete to each other’s against unjustified treatment, in fact they are using the smartest creativity to make them unjustified, smart doesn’t create solution because being smart person, it leads you from A to B position but being wise person, it leads to the wisdom.