What’s difference happy life and perfect life?

Today I would like to talk about the difference between happy life and perfect life, both are not the same meaning although both are having the same destination about life, life is not simple thing, but we will try to make it simpler, so every human will find their characteristic between happy life and perfect life.

The meaning of perfect life is the way of life which is guiding all human being to know better about the strongest part in human’s passion, means human will abandon everything unimportant or he is not interested with anything less, also he would not tolerate any other weakness in life, whereas the meaning of happy life is the way of life which is guiding all human being to be survivor in this life despite humans will face any difficulties, or dangerous thing.

Whether you like or not with life rules, as human being, we are just visitor where we can learn something from the type of life what you are visiting, either happy or perfect life, we don’t have much time to complain everything which it already been there and exist more than thousand years ago, complaining is just making the situation to be worse.

The uneducated person, he usually precedes his reason rather than his experience, he is blaming something which already happened, so every time he sees something, he feels unease, his mindset is trapped to his perfect life, and also his decision makes his mindset can’t be mended.

As human being we can’t choose when the time lets us know whether we will succeed or we will fail, all we need to do is accepting something happening in this life, that’s making us to be happy ever after, no matter how hard life will be, they will resolve themselves except you never give up.