What’s the importance about the life journey?

Today I would like to talk about the life journey, there’s important thing to be learned because a life journey is not aimed to make the same mistake in all day long because life time is not working in loop, but life time is running forward, the dangerous thing is if someone forget about the life moment which it taught him how to recognize every mistake in the past, if someone commits to do the same problem over and over again either type or capacity, that I call it as degradation.

Maybe someone can rewrite his story at present time but time has own authority to end up someday, the purpose of life journey is telling you that you must responsible for what you are doing or what decision you are making, so if someone is just doing something without making any plan within, we call it “game over”, game over means someone has no hope, has no value and has no future.

It’s easy to embrace hopelessness, but life journey must be alive as long as human has sufficient time to get there, life doesn’t recognize about hopelessness, life doesn’t recognize sad or happy, life doesn’t recognize true or wrong, life has no eye to walk in this world, whether you like it or not about your entire life, only you have power to change your destination and teach life journey to accept you as its supreme leader.

Life is the partner who will accompany every human to get a dream; only sincerity, creativity, undying passion and determination are the most valuable resources to activate the life journey, if humans keep running with those valuable resources, they will not see or feel everything in doubt, because doubt is the biggest enemy will drown out human’s innermost voice feeling or intuition.