What’s meant the insanity?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the insanity, many people consider doing insanity is the worst activity ever, but the insanity is automatically shown up to human habits once they are doing unnaturally, or not following the universe’s natural rule.

The universe’s natural rule means all everything happen in this universe’s moment are ruled by Almighty God, no one could escape from the natural rule except the type of humans who are not following the natural rule in the daily life, that’s the reason they are being called the insanity.

Now we are trying to elucidate the natural rule, the natural rule is type of rule which created by almighty God to rule something freely, and there is distance between almighty God’s own rule and the human’s own rule, if humans want to get something freely in this world, they must follow the creator of natural rule, actually the natural rule will not oppose what human’s doing in this life, just the opposite; the natural rule will help humans to recognize the ultimate resources such as creativity, sincerity, passion, determination, etc.

 Now we are going to study about the natural rule’s characteristic in this life, these are the natural rules may need to be remembered; keep moving, keep balancing, keep determining, keep supporting and keep involving, so if these rules are united to become together, humans are not being called the insanity, because they already become a supreme leader.
                                                              The Unnatural people
There is no insanity again as long as humans are following the natural rule when people want to get success, these are type of unnatural people or the insanity people; they are always complaining about everything suddenly changes, being ungrateful person, committing the suicide attempt, robbing money, torturing, rapping, killing, etc. ( that's against the natural law).