What’s the smart goal?

Today I would like to talk about the smart goal, there are many goals have been chased by people because they want to embody it to the reality, I would like to give the question for them, does the goal inspire them enough or does the goal just make them being satisfied person?, so both question need to be clarified by individual person first.

We can’t just let the goal controls us and change our wisdom because the humans are the truly supreme leader among the creatures all over the world, human are nurtured by the universes with the intellectual curiosity, so the criteria of goal should be having a deep meaning to you or bring the full of inspiration to most people.

When you already have a goal, please check the contents whether the goal is just making you felt satisfaction or the goal is giving you the power of belief and also insisting you to attempt, the goal is divided by two kinds; the swallow goal and the deep goal, you can represent your goal is like the sea.
                                         the seashore area
The swallow sea is just representing you are lack of resources and making you feel satisfied like the children who are playing in the sand or building the sand castle in the seashore area, whereas the deep sea is representing you are full of resources because you are possessing full of enthusiasm, discipline, perseverance, consistency, patience Etc.
                                            the seabed area
The deep sea usually takes the huge risk because when someone is touching the seabed, he needs strategy, strong reason, full of passionate, power of belief, and many others human’s resources. Whereas the shallow sea takes small risk and also it has potential to increase your feeling of satisfaction rapidly, remember this note in your whole life; the satisfaction is creating the feeling of procrastination in yourself.

                                       the greater conquer

There are some benefits of taking smart goal / deep sea; the first benefit is you become the visionary leader among the society or you become the great motivator, you will create true happiness once you have a higher purpose in your life, the second benefit is you can control your feeling of anger once it arises, the third benefits is you become life strategist and you live happily ever after.