Why being discipline person is difficult?

Today I would like to talk about discipline in this life; the meaning of discipline is a method of training the mind, the body to obey the rule, also the ability to control our behavior to ensure fitted with the current situation, based on successful people’s experience, sometimes discipline bring the pain in personal life because discipline restricts our life from making unnecessary thing.

We must realize that benefits of discipline is stripping away the inessential thing despite it is inevitable, the human mind has around 200 billion of nerves and it has potential to carry the message between the brain and the body to enable your organ to make the particular movement.

The human characteristic is variety also human is having the self-authority to change his behavior anytime to do the most exciting activity, but if the human is just following what it’s really making him excited, his mental muscle has never grown because it has never been trained well.

The purpose of being discipline is maximizing the human potential to create the special ability and dig the ultimate resources which lies into the subconscious mind, by applying the discipline into our daily life, means we will train our mental muscle to endure the risk once we aim something to achieve the higher purpose.

Without applying the discipline in the daily life, we have no mental power to prevent the bad thing comes into life, then we deliberately give the command to our body to do the unproductive activity or inessential activity, the greatest successes can’t be achieved by applying the procrastination habit, it needs the pull power to activate the infinite energy which is coming from our body within, in addition, the more you use your mental muscles the more you create the lasting energy. I hope this information will help you to design the beautiful life and also inspire you to build the best legacy by pulling your leg.