Why being rich doesn’t guarantee the happiness?

Today I would like to talk about the main reason why being rich person doesn’t guarantee the happiness, now I would like to see whether any difference or not between being rich and being happy person during making his life better, the first thing I will tell you that everybody needs a guarantee to sustain something which is related to himself, such as money, degree, etc.

Which one the best? Every happiness guarantees your richness, or being rich guarantees your happiness, this is option you really need to improve to your reality life, or maybe we can look at rich people who live around, learn about what lifestyle they create or what ritual they do in the daily life, happiness is part of process, not destination, if you do something in order to aim happiness, you will not get piece of happiness at all.

The best way to get happiness is asking to yourself about what passion do you want to create. Or what creativity do you want to build? Because passion and creativity can’t be separated, they work in tandem, the position of passion is on the front and the position of creativity is on the back.

Being rich person, he usually earns money from what he wants to build, especially it’s something valuable but does it take a guarantee? Nope, guarantee is not making you felt secure but guarantee is making you survived when there’s something bad will happen to you, whatever reason will it take, everyone can’t avoid the risk, if you wish you would get secure, that meaning you are not getting evolved in the real life, do something in process with enjoyable despite difficult, that's real guarantee.

Guarantee lies within your soul; the difficult phase in this life is when you don’t understand at all about your existence, once you can understand about your existence, you will meet guarantee in your soul, basically your soul knows what you are going to become in the future, you just need to pick them up and prove your existence by serving something good to this world with your goodness.