Why getting failure is more attractive rather than success?

Today I would like to talk about the failure, failure is part of learning, if life without failure, there’s no higher purpose, there’s no goal, there’s no different class and there’s no challenge because everything looks same as well as looks flat, in order to make the creativity, we need to test something whether the result will make satisfied or not.

During making creativity, sometimes we need to make the first failure in order to know whether the result will work to another method or not, so basically failure is needed when someone wants to create a new creativity, we can say if there’s no failure mean there’s no creativity light up.

As theoretically “if the failure level capacity is lower than satisfaction level, there’s no creativity grows up otherwise if discomfort feeling level has the same weight as failure level, the creativity will grow up”. Success is just symbol which is pinned into the window, the real creativity is making mistake in every first attempt.

Sometimes we don’t need a name to make popular, we just need to make unique mistake which can’t be made by most people, the more unique you are the more popular will appear, please remember this note; if you can calculate your failure result in your life, you can’t see the big picture of success.

We don’t need to focus the size of failure, we just need to focus making the life path which is serving you happy life, don’t aim the happiness as your final destination, but instead making the happiness path to create the process, when you enjoy with process even though you feel discomfort, and you live happily ever after once you get everything you have.

If you don’t want to make good purpose in your life, you will never get the creativity and you will create the failure path everlasting, so before you ran out the leisure time, you can start to pull your future dream to be united together with your soul today, don’t go down when you fail because the truly unsuccessful person who is always avoiding the failure.