Why intention is important thing to determine the result?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why the intention is important thing to determine the result; the first thing we should know is that the end result 100 % had been imagined long time ago before the imagination is created, so the intention so powerful because it has the main role to develop the imagination.

Without any intention, there’s no hope and also there’s no self-motivation, every sincere intention can trigger the human potential and also it can create the power of focus, so that human being will not go away from the target because his intention can pull his inner power to come out such as intuition.

The biggest result is determined by the maximum range of the intention, so the power of intention itself can grow up automatically when someone makes every attempt, every attempt will create the potential energy from human resources, once the bigger attempt is made, the bigger potential energy appears.

Becoming the intention maker, we aren’t allowed to make judgment at the first attempt because once every single day of making judgment, it has potential to drown out our full of enthusiasm, so improving the intention is the basic rule to make something good becomes better and better becomes efficient.

Intention is like harvesting one seed, once you implant it to the ground and you water it every day, your intention will work automatically for you, so don’t let you lose your intention because every single of your intention has potential to awaken the giant power within yourself, The end result is not so important rather than intention process because the result is just seductive which it ensures you are making the best action during doing the target, you just need to enlighten your subconscious mind with higher purpose and let time will assure you that you make an undying passion.