Why my potential stops working?

Today I would like to talk about the potential existence; this is important issue because most people are dying in the most days before they know exactly about their potential existence, in this topic I would share about the what factor will reduce the human potential existence.

The human potential is like an axe which is utilized to chop down the tree, the more you use your potential energy, the more you see about the standard of living, we can’t just rely on the opportunity existence for long term because the successful potential doesn’t lean into opportunity, but creating the opportunity.

The lesser you use your potential energy, the less size of power you can use to create the resourcefulness such focus, decisiveness, passion, creativity. Please look at the lumberjack, when he is given 6 hours to chop down the trees, as productive lumberjack; he usually needs 1 hour to sharpen the axe and he needs 5 hours to chop down the threes, as unproductive lumberjack, he doesn’t need time to sharpen his axe because he believes the axe will work for everlasting. Please observe about the difference between the unproductive lumberjack and the productive lumberjack, who will produce the good result? If you analyze a bit, the human potential is like an axe, it needs learning and evolving but the potential energy is everlasting.

The main reason why many people feel their potential are not working or impotent because they use their potential energy to create procrastination habit and spend their time to become an idler, as becoming an idler, they will not worry about their degradation or self-respect because they are proud how to become procrastinator.

If you observe, there’s no human potential becomes impotent, but the cause is not under the potential energy but from the human’s lack of resources, humans refuse to accept the responsibility for using their potential energy, that’s reason most people fail at the first step when they start to build their life career.