Why people are afraid to change his life to the new revolution?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the meaning of new revolution first, because most people are trying to persuade themselves to make revolution in annually period, but there is another problem comes from the revolution itself, do you know the reason? Because the revolution itself doesn’t inspire to most people, here are examples for uninspired revolution; someone will stop eating the sugar for few months later, someone will stop smoking in the next year, someone wants to stop playing around, etc.

Now we will try to widen the meaning of new revolution from the moment is made by the human life, the new revolution means making a great change in condition, way of working, way of belief, etc. and the result will bring affect to most people, after that people will do something to make a better life.

You must remember that not at all revolution will achieve the target in short time because every change of revolution depends on the human capacity and also self-commitment, so if the new revolution is not happening to you, you just need to rearrange your time and ask yourself about question “what does it take to successfully create a lasting change in your life?”.

We can’t just keep silent and waiting someone else to fix your revolution because every people has respective role of responsibility to make new revolution, every revolution can’t be copied to another people because the revolution will be valid once someone has fixed his own mindset and his own belief, don’t worry about what other people think about you when you make a new revolution, I know facing the new revolution is not easy because you will face the risk, only courage people who can decide to make new revolution, just leave behind those people who don’t want to support you or they don’t have closely related to you. Only discourage people who are busy to give a comment to others and also people who choose to dwell in this world by same standard/ not evolve.