Why the popular is needed to create value?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why the popular is so important and also it can help someone to create and change the value, the first thing I would like to share is the popular is kind of agreement which it collaborates between your purpose-built and your creativity, once you realize people know a lot about your purpose, you will get critic or suggestion from them.

Popular is the first step how to consider the importance of your value, we can’t just sit down and wait some famous people to offer the popularity to us, we just need to ask to ourselves about what is the importance of our existence and our product.

Product means something greater than ourselves and product comes from our potential, so we must recognize the sign of gift within us, then we explore the sign of gift and change it to become talent, so the first we need to know is what potential will recommend us to create value, and the human value which is making us popular, it’s coming from the calculation between our creativeness and human relationship

So when we need to upgrade our value, we just need to collect the suggestion or any information from what we hear from our intuition or what we hear from someone else’s criticism, the more people give critic or question to one of your product, the more opportunity you make yourself to be promoted and it helps you to create popular.

The popular definitely has offered new value and the unpopular definitely hasn’t offered new value, so please keep it into your mind that philosophy, popular can make us know a lot about what we have created to ourselves and what we added value to as many as people around us, sometimes we need to dominate something in our capable hands, so controlling everything within ourselves is creating popular, as old adage, possessing the great power is meaningless once you can’t control it