Why satisfaction and pride are making us powerless?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the human characteristic such as pride and satisfaction, the reason I choose the topic to be written about that because satisfaction and pride are going to make human to be blindness to make new hope and new revolution in this life.

Once you get satisfied, you will not get new thing in this life because your mindset has told you to remain the same, when you keep the same over and over again, means you are repeating something in the past time and your life is going backward, like I said earlier, you will not find new thing in this life once you stay the same.

Life is full of uncertainty and full of mystery, when someone feels proud to possess something in the past, means he never learn something new because the knowledge can be obsolete at any time once someone stop learning, nobody knows maybe one day someone can meet the great thing in this life because of keep learning and keep exploring.

Every day a new things is happening in this life without being caught by human’s attention, so it’s very loss when someone decides to stop learning, please remember this note; new thing is happening in the most day and new opportunity will not wait someone who ignores the ignorance.

Stop learning and stop being productive person are having same meaning, no creativity, no vision, no hope, no determination, this type person is full of anxiety and he is unable to see himself through his soul, his power becomes powerless because he stops hoping a miracle from their life. I will give another additional note; the miracle will happen when there are two objects are moving on collision course into each other. Two objects are meant to keep learning and keep hoping.